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Welcome! We started the Mobile Art Lounge project in July 2011 – our intention is to have a site full of art from emerging artists all over the world! Please feel free to submit your work!

Mobile Art Lounge is a collaborative project developed from a love for art and the desire to spread that love to the public. Art is happening NOW, and our exhibits feature emerging artists from all over the world. By featuring undiscovered artists, we ensure the exhibits are current, unique, innovative – and something the audience can relate to.

Art education is key to promoting new artists and art lovers. Along with each exhibit, we develop a lesson that centers on the theme of that exhibit. Lessons focus on art appreciation, history, basic principles and techniques. Our exhibit education includes applicable art facts, tips, and activities to encourage interest and involvement for every age and skill level.

We definitely don’t plan to stop – an online exhibit space is great, but we are looking for something a little more tangible – we want to take our show on the road. Our traveling exhibit (think RV/bus meets art gallery) will deliver art to underutilized public places like parks, libraries, and schools. Especially in areas where art programs do not exist, or have been reduced/eliminated. Our mobile gallery will feature small 2D original artwork, making the exhibits manageable and the artwork affordable. We will use the space to host educational sessions to accompany each exhibit. The space will also be equipped with tablet computers where visitors can learn about each artist, and view more of their artwork.

Mobile Art Lounge provides opportunity and exposure for independent artists and delivers quality, original art and art education to the public.

Here are some of the projects that influenced our concept.
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Trees for Life Exhibition: Edinburgh, Scotland >
Aaron Koblin: Collaborative Projects >
Axle Contemporary Mobile Art Gallery: Santa Fe, New Mexico >
6×6 – The Art Version of a Music Festival Kickstarter project >

Hi! We’re Samuel + Brandi Solomon! We are creative professionals who share a love of art and adventure. We have a background as creative directors with lots of experience in promotions, marketing, advertising and publications. We are people of action, and believe that active participation is the key to progress and development. We want to create an innovative way for “the masses” to explore, appreciate and become involved in art.
More about us:
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